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Black leaf tea "Kakheti"
An exquisite variety of large-leaf black tea intoxicates with the aroma of expensive Saperavi red wine. OPA grade Georgian tea reveals the versatility of flavors of prunes, pomegranates, blackberries, cherries and black currants. The drink of a noble burgundy-red color has a viscous taste of red wine, complemented by a pleasant astringency of black tea, with hints of honey and spices. A velvety plume of ripe red grapes remains in the aftertaste.

Black leaf tea "Tbilisi"
The variety of loose leaf tea is especially rich in tips. Has a multifaceted
bright floral aroma of archea with honey notes and the sweetness of burnt cane sugar. The taste is soft with a slight astringency and refined
note of woody haze and spice. The aftertaste is long honey-floral. The color of the infusion is golden amber with a brown tint.

Black leaf tea "Batumi"
Bright and juicy aroma of feijoa gives sweetness and long unforgettable aftertaste.
Due to the content of a large number of nutrients in the feijoa berry, tea perfectly strengthens the immune system and improves mood. The aroma reveals notes of biscuit, burnt sugar and ripe juicy feijoa.

Black leaf tea "Svaneti"
A balanced blend of Georgian black tea and fragrant thyme has a rich aroma of mountain herbs, spices and a sweet plume of dried fruits and caramel. The taste is rich with a pleasant light astringency, bright spicy-herbaceous nuances and a long aftertaste. The color of the infusion is bright amber-brown.
Shelf life: 1095
Georgia, Tbilisi, Saburtalo district, burdzglas Gogebashvili street. N74-74A-74B, entrance 1, Floor 5, flat 35



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