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The bright, refreshing and juicy flavor of feijoa delivers sweetness and a long-lasting unforgettable aftertaste. The aroma is accompanied also by notes of biscuit, burnt sugar and ripe juicy feijoa. This tea is perfect for treating yourself to something exotic and delicious!

The flavor of a noble black tea with a touch of honey and cinnamon accompanied by bright hints of fresh lime and lemon and myrtle pepper seasoning. The taste offers a pleasant tartness and citrus sourness. The tea infusion color has a golden brown color with amber tint. The aftertaste is dense black tea with toasty notes, spiciness and a bright bergamot aroma.

This classic Georgian black tea harvested on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains has a rich, bright floral aroma of orchid with honey note and the sweetness of burnt cane sugar. The infusion has a golden amber color with a brown tinge. The aftertaste is long floral and honeyed.

The tea has a bright rich chocolate aroma with a slight sourness of dried fruits and the sweetness of a baked apple in caramel. The taste is soft, woody-dried fruit with a slight astringency in the aftertaste. The color of the infusion is copper-honey.

This black Georgian tea with barberry berries has a bright, clear, amber color of infusion with a honey-chestnut hue. The taste is expressive with a pleasant tartness and light red ripe barberry sourness. The flavor is full-bodied with berry notes, which are emphasized by the sweetness of burnt sugar and baked bread. Lingering aftertaste reminds you of berry lollipops.

Wild blueberry leaf tea
A drink with a soft velvety taste, you will discover the unique aromas of wild blueberries and fill yourself with vitality.
energy. After all, blueberry leaf tea strengthens the immune system, tones the body, normalizes blood pressure, and relieves joint pain.
Shelf life: 1095
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