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We pick and process tea by hand, just as they did 150 years ago

We regain the once-been standing and win back the love of the world again. We keep creating our products for connoisseurs of delicious, soft and very fragrant Georgian tea. Preserving the centuries-old tradition of gathering and unique natural properties of Georgian mountains.

A few words about our tea:
1) Tea is collected at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, where there is a humid subtropical climate and the synergy of sea and mountain air, which gives our tea a bright taste.
2) Without additives and chemical treatments! (all certificates are in the attachment).
3) Only manual assembly and processing of products.
4) We also use only natural flavoring additives - fruits, berries, herbs.
5) Our tea contains a small amount of tannins, which makes it soft and tender.


Georgia, Russia

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Georgia, Tbilisi, Saburtalo district, burdzglas Gogebashvili street. N74-74A-74B, entrance 1, Floor 5, flat 35
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