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Drip Coffee BRAZIL 100% Arabica

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Brazil is the largest coffee producing country for Arabica coffee. This Brazilian coffee with mild to medium body and a very pleasant aroma is excellent for single origin filter coffee.

Mondo offers you a new technology of coffee making.
DRIP BAG Coffee-fresh roasted ground coffee in a filter package for brewing in a cup.

Japanese technology, which is widely spread in Asia, is now available in the Georgian market.

DRIP BAG Coffee is a natural ground coffee in a filter package that is easy and simple to prepare anywhere. Can be used both in home conditions and in different areas of business. Hotel rooms, offices, trains, fairs, exhibitions, fast food restaurants and small street cafes are just a small list of the areas of application of this innovative product.

Advantages of Drip Bag Coffee: Does not require professional equipment and specially trained personnel unchangeable quality from cup to cup individual packaging.

Mondo is the first producer of coffee in filter-packages on the Georgian market, offers a wide range of products, both under its trade mark, and in the package with the corporate style of the customer.

In addition to the roasting process, packaging materials also play an important role in the preservation of individual taste and aroma of coffee. Special Italian layer packaging material for coffee, used for coffee Mondo, completely retains its original profile, taste and aroma.
Nace code: 4860108720240
Shelf life: 12 months
Certificates: Our company has implemented ISO22000 and HACCP standards in terms of food safety and security. U.S. FDA Registration No.:17230592954
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