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Each and every step of creating Mondo coffee – roasting, mixing, cleaning, grinding, mixing again and packaging – is conducted using the advanced technologies. Mondo coffee factory was designed in accordance with Italian standards and a fully automatic processing process. Designing, supplying technological equipment, installation and setting up of the factory – was all done by the leading Italian production companies such as PETRONCINI and GOGLIO, insuring the guarantee of trust and high quality to coffee aficionados.

It is well known that Italy has played a big role in the development of the coffee industry.
In order to implement their professional experience in Georgia, two of the largest Italian coffee laboratories are involved in creating the Mondo coffee recipes and aromas. By heeding traditions and using appropriate technologies we have created a diverse and high quality product with a unique taste – Mondo coffee processed in Georgia.


The whole process of processing Mondo coffee is automatic. Raw coffee beans undergo an automatic and high-tech process immediately after entering the factory. Initially, green coffee beans are cleaned using a special device, roasted, cooled down and cleaned again. Afterwards, various sorts of coffee beans are mixed together creating a unique combination which then is grinded and made ready for packaging.
It should be noted that Mondo coffee beans undergo a dual cleaning whilst the roasting regime is individually chosen taking the origins of coffee beans and the profile of the final product into account. An individual formula of coffee bean combination, hi-tech processing, the Italian tradition of roasting and the experienced technologists make this process highly unique.


Apart from the roasting process, packaging materials also play an important role in preserving the individual taste and aroma of coffee.
A special, Italian, three-layer coffee packaging material used for Mondo coffee fully preserves its original profile, taste and aroma.


Azerbaijan, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

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The high quality of Mondo coffee, apart from modern technologies, is ensured by high qualification of the professional team. Our company has implemented ISO22000 and HACCP standards in terms of food safety and security.


Mondo is a distinguished member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and the International Coffee Organization (ICO). Being part of these organizations means frequent meetings and trainings where the leading coffee processing companies discuss important news related to their products.

29 Catholicos Abraham I Street , 0131 Tbilisi, Georgia



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