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Tsanka’s Saperavi – Creates Harmonious Balance of Awareness and Peace
It is a flattering voyage into the aroma world. You can feel the intense aroma of blackberries and ripe cherries in the vivid and velvety taste.
In our eyes, Tsanka’s Saperavi is an extraordinary woman with a strong will and a striking, memorable persona.
„Dried dark berry fruits, spicy hints. The confected fruity palate, spices open up. Tannins gentle. Alcohol warmth appears on the finish. „
Sarah Abbott
That’s how the IWSC / International Wine & Spirit competition jury apprized Tsanka’s Saperavi made in 2021.
With the IWSC / International Wine & Spirit Competition Bronze Medal winning and SAPERAVI INTERNATIONAL Gold Medal winning, our wine became famous inside and outside of Georgia.
We proudly consider Tsanka’s Saperavi as a member of our cozy family wine celler and as our family ambassador that connects us with the rest of the world.

Category - წითელი ღვინო / red wine
Type - მშრალი / dry
Color - მეწამული / Red
Country/Region - საქართველო, საქართველო-კახეთი/ Georgia, Kakheti
Brand - ცანკას ღვინო / Tsanka`s Wine
Grape Variety - საფერავი / Saperavi
Release Year - 2021
Alcohol Percentage - 12.5% / Alk 12.5%
Size - 750 მლ / 750 ml
Shelf life: 12 years
Awards: - IWSC / International Wine & Spirit Competition Bronze Medal 2021 - SAPERAVI INTERNATIONAL Gold Medal 2021
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