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Home… A word we use countless times daily. And with that word exactly starts the history of our vineyard, wine, and ourselves.
Kandaura is a small village in Kakheti with forests, vineyards, and little hills all around it. Our ancestry house, with its forefather vineyards and a little, cozy Marani, is in the middle of this majestic atmosphere.
There is no single day without vineyard and Wine in my memory.
I remember Grandpa making barrels from Oak for whole days. He was working unrushed, with patience, and while doing so, was proudly telling us the stories of his life. Our yard was filled with the same oak and wine scent.
Wine aroma, the cozy house aura, dinner preparations in the yard, and visiting the vineyard is our daily life. And our wines tell these stories. Our stories…
Tsanka’s Saperavi’s intense, admirable aroma, color, taste…And Tsanka’s Rkatsiteli’s freshness and delicacy won’t leave any of our guests cold-hearted.
Made with the Kakhetian traditional methods in a pitcher, our wines represent the nature of Georgians’ hospitality, hard work, and love for the wine.
Other than the unique wine, we meet our guests with the comfy, home atmosphere and fascinating Georgian-Kakhetian cuisine.
On a Wine Picnic with Tsanka #Tsankastan, you can awaken your adventurous spirit in Rtveli. Visit and live with us. Become a part of our everyday life and a part of our family!



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- IWSC / International Wine & Spirit Competition Bronze Medal Winner — #TsankasSaperavi 2021 - SAPERAVI INTERNATIONAL Gold Medal

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