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Georgia seeks to enhance its standing within international economic circles and further relations with its trading partners around the world. This will be achieved through bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements as well as development of preferential and free trade regimes. With the implementation of broad reaching and comprehensive free trade agreements with the EU and other countries, Georgia can reduce technical barriers to trade and align goods and services produced in Georgia with international and European standards.  

Foreign Trade Policy of Georgia

Liberal foreign trade policy is one of the major principles of the economic policy of Georgia. In line with this position, the Government of Georgia has implemented reforms in tariff policy as well as in technical regulations. As a result, Georgia has one of the most liberal foreign trade policies in the world, including foreign trade regimes and customs procedures, low import tariffs and minimal non-tariff regulations.

Tariff Policy on Import

Georgia has one of the most liberal and competitive trade regimes across the world. Since September 1, 2006, and in accordance with adjustments made to Article XXVIII of the Tax Code of Georgia, tariffs on imports have decreased from 16 tariff rates to 3 (0%, 5% and 12%). Additionally, tariffs on approximately 85% of imported goods, along with seasonal tariffs, have been abolished.

Tariff Policy on Exports

According to the Georgian legislation, export and re-export from Georgia are free from customs duties.


Indirect Tax

According to the Tax Code of Georgia, value added tax and excise duty rates are the same for both local and imported goods.

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