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We produce ozone generators of various capacities (air, water and hybrid) which serve for many sector of industries and most interesting for tourism and agricultural sectors, etc. - the technology serves disinfection; Deodorization; Diratisation; Disinsection; Water purification; Livestock drink and food preparation; safe long-term storage of the product, usage instead of pesticides etc.

It has an advantage over other analogues with at least 4 times more energy consumption (5 watts -1000 mg / h instead of 20 watts / h, and therefore for any ozone generation capacity), it is highly efficient - 2-10 and more times lower cost (maximum 10 USD per 1 g / h, while increasing the ozone generation volume. Selling price of the product compared to other analogues is lover at least for 40%. Similar tools, security software and data are not available to other manufacturers. The service is available after the end of the warranty period.

Innovation: 1) does not damage the electrode (durable and reliable), 2) works with reduced power supply voltage, 3) with barrier and corona discharge with ultraviolet radiation and resonance detection.

PROFIT MARGIN = 200-1000 %. Product for sale - license of our technology to ozone generator manufacturers.
Nace code: Water/Air
Seasional: January - December
Shelf life: 1-10 years
Certificates: “Ozone Generation System” Patent - P 2021 7302 B; WIPO PCT/2021 - 05532; Security Data Sheet - SDS 2021; Bacteriophages Analytical Diagnostic Center - Conclusion on Technology Efficiency –2017; NCDC National Center for Disease Control and Public Health - Conclusion on Technology Efficiency – 2021; Protocol N98 of the Innovation and High Technologies Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia 2023 Patented in INDIA 2024
Awards: Future Agro Challenge 2021 Winner (1;2;3 places together); Shota Rustaveli, Georgia National Science Foundation – Grant gained 2022
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