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SAIMRE mineral water is extracted from the depths of the mountains located in area Sairme in the center of the Small Caucasian Ridge, in the western part of Georgia, in environmentally protected area. The mineral water comes to surface in several springs, each of them with unique chemical composition. At this moment there are 11 springs.

The unique properties of the water SAIRME, for human health have been known since ancient times.

The combination of SAIRME’s features makes the water unique and very useful for everyday consumption and prevention of a variety of diseases, in particular – metabolism, gastroenterology and urology.

If you regularly use this water, then increases the body's immune defense, regulation of acid-base balance and the development of blood vessels. In addition, the risk of developing the sclerotic processes decreases and mental activity increases.

Also, SAIRME is used for the prevention of diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, osteoarticular and endocrine systems of the human body.

Beside its healing effects due to its unique composition, SAIRME water has a unique soft taste, has no restrictions on daily use and is an excellent addition to any type of food and alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy with mild taste and a pleasant natural flavor.
Nace code: C11.0.7
Shelf life: 12 Months
Certificates: In March 2016 “Sairme Mineral Waters” LLC quality management system received a certificate of compliance with ISO 22000:2005 and 9001:2008 from “Bureau Veritas” Certification Holding SAS-UK branch.
Awards: Mineral water Sairme is the only Georgian mineral water to receive prestigious award “Superior Taste Award” by the International Taste & Quality Institute, Brussels, Belgium. It is important to note that first time mineral water Sairme received an award in 2013 and in 2016 the jury members once again appreciated the unalterable taste and quality of the water by honoring it again with the highest reward – Three Stars. Thus, mineral water SAIRME became the only mineral water that received the highest award twice.
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