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Family Wine Cellar located in town Telavi, Kakheti region, East part of Georgia. Producing Qvevri wines and Chacha based on Georgian traditional methods. Qvevri wines was announced as Georgia cultural Non-Property heritage by UNESCO in 2013. Making wines with Qvevri(kvevri/Qvevri – clay jars) has more then 8 000 year history in Goergia, which has unstopping process from ancient time to date.

Our vineyard located two different side river Alazani in Kakheti.
We have wineyard in inner Kakheti, our vineyards are located both side of Alazani river left and right side. We
have 1 acre in village Kurdgelauri (microzone Tsinadali), 1 acre village Saniore (microzone Napareuli). The
vineyards are old then 35-40 year, well-drained and well-exposed to the sun.
The grape varieties are Rkatsiteli (70%), Saperavi(30%)

Village Kurdgelauri is included in Tsinandali micro-zone, farmhouse as high quality wine land for white
grapes, where annual duration of sunshine in a zone is more than 2300 hours. The vineyard is located to the
North side of Tsiv-Gombori mountains and to the right bank of the river Alazani. We had only 10 rows of
vines where harvest in 2015 only 1ooo kilo of Rkatsiteli Grape, after 2015 we start renovation our vineyard,
we will have 17 vine rows to harvest 2500-3000 kilo.

Saniore is appellation controlled micro-zone of Napareuli, located left bank of Alazani river in Kakheti, which
is farmhouse for high quality white and red wine. Annual duration of sunshine in a zone is 2050 hours. The
white wine is made of Rkatsiteli and the wine is light straw-colored, with a well-defined bouquet and wild
flower tone. The red wine is made of Saperavi and distinguished by dark red color, varietal specific aroma,
velvety with well-developed bouquet. The vineyard is 40 years old vine, located in village Saniore, Napareuli
20 km from Telavi. We have two rows of Saperavi and 6 rows Rkatsiteli. Average vintage is 700 kilo of
Rkatisteli and 200 kilo of Saperavi. We will produce only 400 bottle of Rkastileli and 100 bottle of Saperavi
from this vineyard.

Our family had wineries and Marani in Akhmeta “Jaluri” from where our Saperavi wine was very famous in
Georgia. Wine merchants where coming from Tbilisi and buy all vintage wines. Communist take from us our
property and wineries in 1921, Nikoloz Rostomashvili was last owner of the Rostomaant Marani and
Rostomi (1770-1846 years) By Legend he was monk Rostom Orbeliani.
Abraami Rostomashvili (1799-1878 years)
Vasili Rostomashvili(1824-1897 years)
David Rostomashvili (1857-1916 years)
Nikoloz Rostomashvili(1887-1967 years)
Davit Rostomashvili (1922-2011 years)
Zurab Rostomasvhli (1947 – precent)
irakli Rostomashvili (1979 – present) he recovered Rostomaant Marani name again, he build small wine cellar
in Telavi. On the logo is picture of Nikoloz Rostomashvili (Kiko) who was last owner of Rostomaant Marani
in Akhemeta.

Wine Cellar
The grapes from each plot are fermented in separate Qvevri in order to preserve the identity of the terroir on which the grapes have ripened. We make wine based old traditions that has more than 8000 years of non stop history. We crash 100% of grapes with it stems and skins together in 200 years on Qvevri where goes fermentation process and ageing process as well. We also use stainless steels for taking wine from Qvevri before bottling.

Upon completion of alcoholic fermentation, in white wine free run juice and the pomace, stems are not separated, in red wine we separate juice and the pomance after two-three weeks. A second fermentation phase, called malolactic fermentation, takes place in Qvevri before locking the Qvevri. Qvevri is locket for 6 months and we open it April or May.



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Participated in wine festivals in Georgia organized by Wine Club from 2014 year


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