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“ISO CONSULTING LLC” is a group of local and international consultants, trainers and assessors specialized in the development, implementation and auditing of Management system standards in various disciplines.
Mission - to establish the European and international standards for the local society that will facilitate the development of education, science, techniques and technologies in Georgia.
Vision - to create additional value for the clients with the daily activities and improve the supply chain though the enhanced quality, safety and reliability of products and services.
Since 2004, the local consultants have gained extensive experience in the implementation and certification of ISO standards. The team gained great experience of working in different industries and enterprises. Today the company serves 150+ organizations in Georgia.
In 2013, ISO Consulting was the 1st Georgian consulting company that could deliver the IRCA’s approved training programs in Georgian language. Training programs are designed by “Lloyd’s Register” (UK). 800+ delegates are receiving trainings annually. Customer feedback indicates that 100% of training participants will attend other trainings again.
ISO Consulting is the first Georgian organization that has managed one of the difficult projects of CE marking in the medical sector for the Georgian Organization in 2014.



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- In 2016, USAID/REAP and APMA distinguished “ISO Consulting” as a leading company for the outstanding performance in the ISO and HACCP certification for the organizations working in the agricultural sector and was awarded with the "Certificate of Excellence". - In 2018, the local consultants got official approval by IFS and got status of “IFS certified consultants”, accordingly they have been registered in IFS database. - As of 2020, “ISO Consulting” will be an Approved-training provider for IFS and BRCGL standards. - Today the company works with close partnership with American Society for Quality (ASQ). ASQ’s products will be available in 2020.

6 Tornike Eristavi Str., 0101, Tbilisi, Georgia


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