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Georgia is famous with its delicious beverages and is recognized with longest history of producing alcohol. Nowadays, there are diverse Georgian wine and spirit presented to global market. However, this is not the full story, as country has maintained some more longstanding drinks that are unique but not well known. Farmers of Georgian mountains keep crafting alcohol based on traditional technologies that are passed through generations. The main objective of forming "GEORGIAN SPIRITS" was to identify Georgian beverages, study technologies, produce the best of it and present them to global market.

Among our achievements, the first product we identified is distilled honey that has diverse names through history and regions of Georgia such as: “Honey Elixir”, “spirit of wax”, “vodka of fly” and others associated with God. In recent years some foreign companies also started distilling honey with similar technologies and classifying it as honey spirit. This class is innovative at beverages market. Some get confused as spirit is usually made from the basis of sugar and here we have no sugar as it is pure product of honey. Considering its alcohol and taste this class is closer to whiskey rather than vodka.



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Our first product gained quality assurance certificate from the dedicated laboratory. this means we can claim any Certificate depending on the importer country.




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