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Baia-food LTD, representing the brand Baia, is a manufacturer of different kinds of porridges made with 100% natural cereals. Product does not contain flavoring and preservatives. Baia porridges, enriched with natural fruit of local production, are characterized by the abundance of natural vitamins and useful mineral substances. The product is designed for all members of the family from an early age, especially for healthy eating enthusiasts. Our assortment includes porridges for dietary and prophylactic purposes. Products obtained as a result of whole grain grinding are rich in the cell that facilitates the formation of gastrointestinal tissue and promotes digestion and active, healthy lifestyle.

The current line of Baia-food includes: porridges without milk, (with and without dried fruit); bran and other products enriched with bran (cell) and production of dry milk products and biscuits.



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