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Training Seminar for candidate routes applying for the "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" certification

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30 June 2023

Delivered by the Cultural Routes secretariat, the seminar provided an overview of the main characteristics of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme, serving as an essential reference for representatives of cultural routes willing to apply for the “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” certification in the framework of the 2023-2024 Certification Cycle. It addressed aspects concerning the Cultural Routes certification cycle, certification criteria and preparation of applications for certification. During the afternoon, the potential candidates had individual advisory meetings with the Secretariat to discuss about their applications for certification. Representatives of five candidate routes took part in the event: Aroma Salutis - The European Route Historical Pharmacies and Medicinal Gardens; the European Tea Route; the European Leonardo Da Vinci Ways; the European Paganini Route and the Via Querinissima. The seminar also counted insightful online interventions by Ms. Lidija Plibersek, President of the European Cemeteries Route, Ms. Ana Rosa Moreno, Technical Manager of the European Route of Historic Gardens, and Mr. Giovanni Cafiero, President of Aeneas Route, who shared their experiences in the field of Cultural Routes with the participants.
Samtredia, Etseri

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    Besarion Zalikiani | Director




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