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Khareba Winery is a company which task is a
worthy continuation of the wine culture and history of
Georgia. Winery Khareba produces more than 30 wine types. The main priority of the company is to produce the finest wines from grapes harvested from its own vineyards in eastern and western Georgia according to the best traditional as well as modern European methods. The company grows 25 different grape varieties in 7 microzones.
Over 1,500 hectares of the finest vineyards are owned and cultivated by the company, the majority of which are to be found in the traditional Georgian viticultural regions of Kakheti (80%), Imereti (15%), Racha (3%) and Lechkhumi (2%).
Our two wineries are located in Imereti (western Georgia) and in Kakheti (eastern Georgia).
In August 2011, Khareba renovated its winery in Terjola (Imereti) – where all premium quality wines of the company are produced. The winery is equipped with completely modern equipment.
Winery Khareba also produces sparkling wines according to the classic 12-month ageing method in Terjola.
Khareba produces a range of wines: premium wines; appellation of origin wines; aged wines; proprietary table wines; dry and semi-dry sparkling wines, Qvevri wines, Chacha and Brandy
As a part of our commitment to traditional Georgian agriculture, we also produce grape seed oil and honey.



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Davit Agmashenebeli alley N170a, Saburtalo District, City Tbilisi, Georgia,

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