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Winery VINAGORA is one of the leading wine producers in Georgia and is based on the ancient Georgian traditions of winemaking.
Merging modern technologies and ancient traditions of winemaking the company could preserve unique taste of wine and create its own unrepeatable style.
Vineyards are located in the most important wine producing regions. Accordingly, the company produces wines from east and west parts of Georgia and offers the customer’s wide assortment.Our wines are distinguished by its uniqueness by margining the best Georgian winemaking traditions and European standards.Due to the high competition in the wine industry worldwide the main goal was to produce the wines affordable for the customers, with competitive price and quality combination expressing perfectly character of its region and at the same time representing long history of winemaking culture in Georgia.Main directions of the company are the production of high quality wine from unique grape varieties of Eastern and Western Georgia, brandy and traditional Georgian Chacha. Also the company produces wines in Ceramic bottle like souvenirs. These attractive and various vessels are analogue to wine-jars. This finding is very successful.Thanks to the well-planned strategy, good development plan and hard work Vinagora showed the perfect results in an extremely short period of time. Because of the unique taste the wines achieved popularity and success.

Nowadays, the company exports its production in 10 different countries all over the world such as: Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, USA, China, South Korea, and Japan.OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE AND QUALITY ARE VALUES THAT DRIVE US EACH DAY, MOTIVATING US TO CONTINUE AND IMPROVE OUR PRODUCTIVE PROCESSES. THIS IS WHAT EACH PERSON DOES ON A DAILY BASIS AT VINAGORA.



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Village Ninotsminda, Sagarejo, Kakheti; 3800
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