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TVMR GE, Nielsen Television Audience Measurement's official licensee was founded in 2004, and starting from January 1, 2005 continuously delivers measurement results to the Georgia TV market. The sole purpose of the company’s activity is measuring of TV audience and 100% of its resources are dedicatedtowards provision of independent, reliableand transparent TV audience measurement results to the market.

What is TAM ?

Television, in nearly every country around the world, has become the dominant medium for information, commercial communication and entertainment. This has led to the ever-increasing desire by broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies to have accurate, consistent and detailed information about TV audiences.

TAM (Television Audience Measurement) is the specialised branch of media research, dedicated to quantifying (size) and qualifying (characteristics) this detailed television audience information.

Ratings, the “Common Currency”

With the billions of dollars spent annually on TV programs and commercials, reliable TV audience information is required to evaluate and maximize the effectiveness of this investment.

Ratings: the percentage of a given population group consuming a medium at a particular moment.

Generally, when used for broadcast medium, one rating point equals one percent of the given population group. These ratings are qualitative in nature, similar to a voting system; the higher the number of viewers, the 'better' the program or commercial.

These ratings become the 'common currency' for the market's commercial airtime. Media planners and buyers evaluate the alternative programs offered to best achieve their advertising goals; broadcasters evaluate the program or station’s popularity and how much to charge an advertiser for commercials during a program or on a given channel. In cases where the channels are funded wholly or partly by public license, ratings also provide accountability.

Reliable, Independent and Transparent Audience Measurement System

In order to provide a country or a TV market with valid and reliable television audience data, the system needs to be the result of many years of accumulated relevant experience, research methodology and ability to evolve to changes in TV technology, research technology and the users’ TAM system needs.

A TAM system is reliable only when the measurement system would yield very similar findings if independently carried out a number of times.

A TAM system is independent when the supplier operates from a position of neutrality recognized by all the TV market’s players.

And a TAM system is transparent when every component of the system is comprehensible and accessible to qualified international auditing by the market.



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