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“Tsvara”– Modern Continuation of Ancient Georgian Jewelry Culture
Georgian jewelry brand “Tsvara” with a complex, diverse line of silver and gold collections, was born in 2016. The name of the company, “Tsvara,” comes from the name for an ancient jewelry making technique: “Granulation” (“tsvar-nami”; Georgian). Granulation is considered a significant example of Georgian cultural heritage and represents the country no less proudly than Georgian dance, Georgian polyphonies, and Georgian wine and cuisine.
Granulation means covering any targeted object, form, or designed item with tiny globules of silver or gold. The key to the beauty of it is that these globules are applied one-by-one, by hand, as no mechanical process can achieve the same quality. In the national museums of Georgia are various examples of royal and sacred jewels created through granulation, dating back to the 5th century B.C.
“Tsvara” successfully managed to produce jewelry based on ancient traditions and enrich these unique technologies through modern innovative approaches, better suited to the dynamic style of the modern century. In the “Tsvara” collections, we find a variety of technologies, colors, sizes, and scales: the Tsvara technique (granulation), filigree, enameling, decoration with precious stones, artistic framing of precious metal, an abundance of original designs, and Georgian ornaments – all this combined into meticulously refined forms of jewelry.
The cultural origin of Tsvara jewelry, as well as the geographical location of its production, is Georgian. It is in Tbilisi that every detail, design, and technical unique characteristic of Tsvara jewelry is created.
Recently, in its showrooms located in the Tbilisi area, “Tsvara” offers lovers of beauty and especially delicate aesthetics a unique choice of silver and gold products distinguished by its high virtuosity of execution.



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