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TSV Estate Winery offers a wide variety of distinct Georgian wine varietals. Every wine bottle tells a story from ancient Georgian wine-making culture and history. Wine bottles offer a glimpse of a country where wine was first invented. Each bottle carries an artefact from archeological findings, currently safeguarded at the Georgian National Museum.
TSV Estate Winery allows wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs to taste history through wine. Times are changing, kings are replaced and history is always written by the victors,
but what remains consistent and eternal is Georgia’s distinct love for wine, wine-making, and cultivation of strains of grapes that can only be found in this magical piece of land. TSV Estate winery builds on Georgia’s rich traditions and offers a glimpse of history and wine-making culture through branding based on archeological and historical findings.
Take a sip, allow yourself to taste twenty seven thousand years of history and dive into the magical world of Georgian wine-making culture.


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