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The Georgian Berry Ltd. was formed in August 2017 by three female partners to start an organic berry farming.

With the help of the Ministry of Agriculture and in the framework of the United Agroproject, within the Plant the Future program, the Agency co-financed the purchase of seedlings and installation of the irrigation system on a land of 7 hectares in Kvemo Kartli region (Marneuli rayon, village Akhlomakhmudlo).

At the moment, we grow three varieties of raspberries Killarney, Nova, and Caroline, and two of blackberries – Chester and Triple Crown. This year, we expect to have average 15- 20 tons of raspberries and blackberries each. The plants will reach full maturity next year which will double the berry yield.
The farm has a 25 square meter cold storage facility that can accommodate 10 tons of fruit.

We believe that organic agriculture is one of the most important aspects in the country’s environmental, social, and economic development today. We are determined and dedicated to pioneering it by sharing all our knowledge and practices for convincing and encouraging more farmers to transition their lands into organic.

In May 2019, the Georgian Berry was awarded an organic certificate issued by IFOAM/Biocert International which allowed us to explore export opportunities and also enter the Georgian organic market in cooperation with the local distribution company Planta. During May-August, you can find our berries in hypermarkets Goodwill and Carrefour.

The Georgian Berry Ltd has certified nursery, too, that grows and sells blackberry (triple crown) plants. The Agricultural and Rural Development Agency included our nursery into the list of certified companies which allows the beneficiaries of Plant the Future program, purchase blackberry plants from our nursery.



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