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The company "Taofood" was founded in June 2020. Our company presents an extruded feed production plant, which aims to create a Georgian product according to world standards. Ten months ago, Taofood was the first in Georgia to introduce high-tech combined food production technology.

The advantage of the product is:

1. In safety, because as a result of high temperature processing it does not contain harmful bacteria.
2. In high absorption capacity, which is obtained by the best processing of its components as a result of temperature, steam and pressure.
3. Does not contain preservatives, other chemical additives and excessive amounts of micro and macro elements (premix).
We produce different types of food for both fish and animals. Today our company offers more than twenty species of bio products. Among them, Georgian fish, dog and cat food was created and available for the first time in Georgia.

We collaborate with various laboratories to further refine our product. We also work with French and Swiss companies to introduce the new technologies offered by various developed countries every year. Our main goal is to develop this field in Georgia and provide high quality food to consumers.

Our mission and values:

1. Popularization of Georgian products
2. Production of Georgian products according to world standards
3. Maintain product quality
4. Promoting Georgian fish farming



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Zurabashvili St. 3, Tsnori, Georgia, 4216

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