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In line with the principles of the UN Global Compact, social enterprise "Kodala" has been running since 2016 on both the Georgian and European markets.
Using natural wood – mostly beech – made in Georgia, the company mainly works on the production of ecologically clean wooden products, including wooden prefabricated toys, which help the development of a child’s imagination, memory, and eye training. As the paint does not entirely cover the wood structure, the energy of the wood is still apparent. The surface of the toys is covered with environmentally friendly paints and varnishes, which are completely safe for children and comply with the European toy safety standard, EN 71. As Kodala’s products have continued to spark the interest of children since 2020, the company decided to produce children’s wooden furniture and wooden decorative items exclusively.
"Kodala", in terms of social responsibility, promotes the resocialization of people with disabilities, their integration into society, and employment. Currently, the company employs around 25 people, 16 of them persons with disabilities. Committed to its overall growth, "Kodala" reinvests 100% of its income into the business, thus creating new jobs.
"Kodala", was one of the first Georgian companies to start producing various toys with Georgian Ethnoculture elements. The company’s very own Kote Svanadze tells us that their toys are successful on both the Georgian and foreign markets because of their character, quality, and, of course, skillful masters.
"Kodala" is known for reviving Georgian fairytale and cartoon characters and popularising Georgian culture among both Georgian and foreign children. We’ve also well-established ourselves on foreign markets because people know that our products are high-quality and safe. They also like the fact that Kodala products are handmade, many of them by people with disabilities.”


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At the annual forum organized by the Alliance of Social Enterprises and CSRDGE, "Kodala" was the winner of the main nomination "Social Enterprise of the Year" and was recognized as a company with high social responsibility in Georgia.


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