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Publicity Group is a full service public relations, communications and media service provider Company. It works with Georgian private, non-governmental, governmental and international donor organizations and projects and implements contracts in public relations, educational and public outreach campaigns, marketing and interactive communications, event management and media services. In addition company also strongly involved in promoting public relations as a practice and profession in the country by implementing educational and training programs.

Publicity Group is an innovative company in Georgia, established and run by experienced professionals that works in three main directions: Public Relations, Marketing & Interactive Communications. Publicity Group is running following subsidiaries:

PRHYPERMARKET – PR, Marketing Communications, Event Management
It is a full service public relations and marketing communications agency, offering services in public relations planning and management, marketing & interactive communications and event management. When working on projects, agency is using most innovative interventions and strategic approaches which make all agency projects and consolations effective and results oriented.

REGIONS.GE – Regional Online News Service
It is the only regional news online service in Georgia delivering quality news and analysis about regions of Georgia. By partnering with twelve regional newspapers and journalists in eight regions of Georgia, REGIONS.GE website is updated on daily basis, where all interested people are having an opportunity not only to receive news and read the articles developed by regional journalists, but also access photo and video sections and post comments, thus involving readers in two cay communication process about the regional issues.

PUBLICITY.GE – Press Release Distribution Service
It is the first and only press release and corporate news distribution agency in Georgia offering text, audio and video press release development and distribution services for business, NGO and governmental sectors. With more than 175 subscribed journalists, PUBLICITY.GE is having one of the biggest operational media distribution mailing lists in Georgia. Besides distributing press releases and corporate news, all documents are uploaded and placed in the agency web portal, so they can be read by all interested people and generate publicity for wider audience.

PRGUIDE.GE – Georgian PR Online Portal
It is a first and only PR professional internet portal deducted to Public Relations in Georgia. The goal of the project is to promote the field of public relations and communications, buy providing local and international PR news, articles, online books, internet resources and other useful information to all professionals and interested people from Georgia.

POLLING.GE – Online Auditoria Polling Service
It is a first and only internet auditorium pooling services in Georgia, offering polling and survey services to all interested organizations and individuals. By using this service clients are getting an opportunity to make pools and sociological surveys among registered online auditoria of the service. Considering increasing number of internet users among Georgian population, online polling service is cheap and very important tool in getting picture about the attitudes and opinions among online auditoria.

Publicity group is proud to have recognized PR professionals and educators in Georgia as key personnel, bringing more than 14 years of experience in public relations practice and theory. Key personnel are holding PhD, Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in public relations and having great experience in participating in local and international short term professional development seminars and trainings, thus combining theory and practice in their daily work, which makes all the project results shiny.

As a team effort, all services and contracts are implemented by a group, headed by a team leader. In this way, company’s approach is to utilize all the existing resources, ideas and different perspectives which make final result successfully accomplished. One of the biggest assets of the company is its extensive networks among Georgian private sector, non-governmental and international organizations, donor funded projects and governmental agencies nationwide, as well as with central and regional media, which helps to run any project on a national level independently, with own resources and cadre.

During past several years Publicity Group gained number of grants for media development programs from Open Society Georgia Foundation as well as from the US Embassy in Tbilisi, awarded with contracts in number of important projects by international / donor funded projects. One of the recent projects of the Publicity Group was improvement of the public relations and communication functions of the Government of Republic of Adjara (GoARA) which was implemented with partnership Policy and Management Consulting Group as part of the G 3 project funded by USAID and run by MSI in Georgia. Publicity Group enjoys long term partnerships with local and international businesses. For example, currently Publicity Group is servicing flydubai UAE government owned Flight Company in Georgian market with the particular emphasis on media relations, including strategies such as media tours, specialized media contests and other online channels. During past four years, among number of business sector clients served, Publicity Group worked with UNDP, JSI, number of EUR funded projects; With the international educational project YIPO .



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