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Privacy Logic Group is a consultation company specialized in personal data protection.

Protection of personal data compliant to the international standards is a considerably complicated goal in the modern technological environment. The efforts needed to achieve success go beyond a single profession and requires a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore the Privacy Logic Group involves qualified specialists of law, Information technologies and business analysis – people who have studied and analysed personal data protection issues from their respective professional perspectives and at the same time have been involved in the drafting of the data protection legislation and its initial introduction.

The companies have different data protection needs and capacities according to their scope of activity, development level and financial resources. Taking into account, that Georgia does not have the long experience of personal data protection, the companies find it difficult to operate independently in this field, to find out their specific responsibilities, what measures and steps do they have to take to fulfill the data protection legislation. Accordingly, the Privacy Logic Group dedicates special attention to determining the needs of the companies and helps them to develop proper strategies, make priorities and choose best approaches.

Privacy Logic Group has developed the comprehensive service package related to the personal data protection, including/covering: Personal data processing Inventory and mapping, assesment, development of personal data protection strategy and program, development of policy documents regulating data protection, specialized training courses, service of external data protection officer, etc.

Our services, provision procedure and price policy are created in a manner to be easily used with the companies of different development level, size and capability.

Clearly defined goals, narrow specialization and focus on personal data protection issues, enables the Privacy Logic Group to have the in-depth knowledge of the details, updated information of the relevant case law, international trends and legal or technological novelties, that is reflected on the quality of our service.



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