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In Racha, in the village of Abanoeti, Ambrolauri district, at 700 meters above sea level, in an ecologically clean place, 2008 year I have planted a vineyard of Alexandreuli and Mujuretuli grapes. The village of Abanoeti is a microzone of this grape (http://georgianwine.gov.ge/Ge/Wine/19). The vineyard is treated with bio preparations, all work is done by hand.
Semi-sweet wine Khvanchkara is made from Alexandrouli and Mujuretuli grapes. My goal is to return this wine to the original and I make dry red wine - Pataridze's Rachuli. This is a distinctive wine and more interesting. Wine can be tasted in Georgian wine bars, as well as in America, Israel, France and Italy.

Pataridze's Rachuli is a member company of the Natural Wine Association. Pataridze Rachuli participated in the RAW-2017 and RAW-2019 Natural Wine Festival in New York, California and Los Angeles, as well as RAW-2019 in Berlin where bio-wine producers from all over the world participate.

Pataridze's Rachuli is a limited edition. I produce only 5,000 bottles a year.


American Samoa, France, Georgia, Israel, Italy

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Village Abanoeti, Ambrolauri municipality, Racha Region, Georgia




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