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Ltd ‘’Ornamenti’’ is a small enterprise that creates wooden handicrafts, (such as toys,
frames, clocks, books for children, notebooks and many more decorative items) founded
in 2016. Why the company has chosen wood? Care for environment is one of the main objectives
and core values of the Ornamenti team. Wood, as a precious material, is very important
for the company. Therefore, each of their products is designed with love to nature and
special care. Products are custom tailored. At this stage, "Ornamenti" products are sold
only on the Georgian market, however the company plans to expand production and
export to other countries. Most of the items produced are focused on promoting Georgian
culture among young children and beyond. By launching its products onto the foreign markets, the company believes that it will
contribute to popularizing Georgian culture. The company focuses of producing unisex
products that might appeal to anyone. This is balanced by selecting universal colors
for the handcrafts. The final products are covered with ecologically clean, natural paints
in different colors. Ornamenti employs three people (1 male and 2 females).



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36 T. Tabidze Street, Tbilisi, 0179, Georgia
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