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“Olafinia” means a toy in Megrelia, a historic region in the Western Georgia. Olafinia is a
Georgian handmade toy uniting the spirit of the different regions of Georgia, its cultural
peculierities, traditions and national costumes. The concept of the brand stands on
reviving the Georgian roots, history and traditions, bringing national costumes to modern
days and making them fun and easily understandable for children. Considering the fact
that children learn better as they play, Olafinia tries to tell big stories with small details. Characters of Olafinia come from different parts of Georgia, wear modernized traditional
costumes, created on the basis of national costumes of different regions, have
Georgian names, live in traditional authentic houses and take care of domestic animals.
By collecting characters of Olafinia, every child creates a story of their own little Georgia.
Olafinia produces DIY toys, meaning that children sew their own toy themselves. After
opening a box of Olafinia, one can find a printed fabric with selected character, needle
and a thread, cotton to fill the sewed toy and clear instructions to make process easy
and fun. Besides having fun, sewing and handicraft activities are beneficial for children's
development, vigilance and motoric development.



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27 Z. Paliashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
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