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O’della was founded by two sisters and their children. The central and enjoyable part of this process was the unification of the family members of different age and interests, creating diverse range of products that will be loved by every customer. The core mission of this act was to work on something special that would bring a joy to people, and make them happier.
The name O’della was inspired by O. Henry’s magic short story “The Gift of Magi” where the main character Della and her husband look for gifts with enormous love and share the huge emotions and happiness with each other. This kind of act of sharing became our main mission. - O’della creates gifts for you and your loved ones.
We design, create and offer exclusively handcrafted unique products and gift sets, with luxurious colors and fabric to brighten up challenging environment; for people, who want to outstand, shine and sparkle, and are brave, who want to add colors and joy to their life, and the lives of their loved ones .
In order to create exclusive handmade collections, we collaborate with Georgian artists, designers, artisans and tailors. Each piece of work expresses an unbelievable skills, cultural heritage and creativeness of Georgian people.
Our customers are people who put a big effort in sharing positive emotions and making others happier.
It makes us very proud that O’della is the art of gifting, and we serve this mission.



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