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Our small enterprise "Ninia" has been running for several years already. However, the company’s founding designer creates exclusive clothing for children for almost ten years. We started production with a few colorful cloth bags and a unique Waldorf doll, which we took to the Flea Market of that time; The products have received an unusually large amount of approval, which has become our motivation to design more useful products for our little customers in the future.

Currently, our small business counts only 3 women, but we manage to produce at least 5000-7000 bags. We also create exclusive hand-made clothes and dolls. We strive to make our little customers happy by making products more affordable.

Taking into account the environmental issues and making our small contribution to the world free of plastic is the principal for our company. This has become one of the reasons for us to start producing small handbags and fanny bags. We aim to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bags and, most importantly, to make high quality product, sustainable for our country's economy and environment.

We try our best to use the ecologically clean materials for bags, clothes, and dolls that do not contain lead, asbestos and other heavy metals or compounds, which are especially harmful to the health and growth of children. We keep the balance of weight, convenience, and volume of bags to reduce the load on the spine and the product, in this case, the bag, for it to be comfortable, easy to use and safe for health.

Currently we sell our products mostly on street markets and online. However, we plan to create a space in the form of a showroom and a small enterprise where it will be easier for us to produce, increase the production scale and make it more convenient for customers to get acquainted with the products, select and order. We will also be able to become a social enterprise. We are particularly motivated to reach out to social groups such as Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and LGBT people, provide them with a possibility to have their source of income, to plan their own business, to become financially independent, and eventually, to rehabilitate as full members of our society.To implement these ideas, we hope to receive financial and technical support for the purchase of inventory and expansion of workspace, as well as consultations and contacts with regard to international exhibitions and export opportunities. This will enable us to increase production capacity, create more jobs, export products successfully, and encompass more problematic sectors in terms of employment and education than we currently manage.



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