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NINELLIE is a Georgian label loaded with Georgian character motives. It was founded in 2015,by Ninellie Chkhaidze.
Ninellie graduated from Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film Georgian University with BA in Show decorative Design faculty.
Ninellie was producing various of clothe early in 2006-2014, without any label.
After the Russian- Georgian war in 2008 which was the painful fact for Georgian people lasted over the years, Ninellie was eager to express the vibe of unity and strength of her country through the world and all over people. It passed the time after her time out period in creativity, because of family life… but as soon as she got to the work it was the first thing she did created the cloth line with the shape of Georgia map on the tops and waist bags. The awareness of NINELLIE spread too fast all over the country and out of country, especially huge interest was from Georgian people who lived in other countries.
Nowadays NINELLIE produces the various of cloth, accessories and shoes under the niche of patriotic motive.

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2015 – 13.09 - 18.09 Presenting Georgian Textile Art and Attending workshops at “21st European Patchwork Meeting“ Sainte- Marie-Aux-Mine , France. 2017 13.09- 17.09 Exhibitor at “European Patchwork Meeting”- Saint-Marie-Aux- Mine, France. 2018 13.04-17.04 Exhibitor at “Paris Bridal Fair” –Paris, France.

2, Mari Brose st, Georgia, Tbilisi.

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