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Brand N-DUO was Founded in 2015.
N-DUO is headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia. As a city fast becoming one of the alternative fashion capitals of the world, NDUO Co-Founder Natuka Karkashadze and Creative Director Anum Bashir find the brand's hometown to be wildly inspiring, fusing their individual love for minimal yet eclectic fashion with a vintage/ gender-neutral appeal. Years on, the NDUO language and DNA are steeped in a carefully curated color and design palette which is exclusively tailored for that effortless woman on the go. Each piece tells a unique story told by Karkashadze and Bashir (two working mothers and fashion enthusiasts who embarked on a deep and meaningful friendship years ago when Bashir was on vacation visiting the capital).

Each passing year unfolds a new yet renewed aspect of the brand that we know will continue to resonate with our NDUO girls from around the world.

From our focus on sustainability to reinventing our staple, seasonal favorites, an NDUO creation hopes to live in your wardrobe for years to come.



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