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MegAgro LLC was founded in 2021. The business activity of the company is to operate hazelnut processing enterprise in Guria region, District Chokhatauri, which was built with the assistance of USAID and Rural development agency in 2021. The enterprise is equipped with modern technological machinery for processing hazelnut, such as: Hazelnut Dryer machine, Hazelnut cracking machine, hazelnut roasting machine, vacuum packing machine.
The company aims to be the one of the leading supplier in the hazelnut sector to meet customers’ needs, offer best product quality and perfect service as well as support the development of sustainable hazelnut cultivation locally and on international market.
LLC MegAgro’s will be staffed with technology specialists, who will be responsible for the quality of the final product and take participation in every part of production process starting from purchasing the raw material ending with processing of final good.
LLC MegAgro starts operating in 2022 in experimental mode and intends to steadily establish itself on the market in the next two year, by 2024.

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Georgia, C. Chokhatauri, Dumbadze Str. N36

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