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Our company was founded in 2014 and operated in the communication market under the name of “4Media”. Over the years, our services have been used by such brands and organizations as Mercedes-Benz, Castrol, Bridgestone, Kia, Xiaomi, Agrohub, Gastronome, Lion Trans Corporation, Personal Data Protection Service, Sisauri Grinders, Crystal Group, Krtsanisi VillaResidence, Biliki, and many others. The knowledge gained over the years has led us to realize that in today’s digital chaos, professionalism alone is not enough, and we need extraordinary thinking to achieve the goal. So we became maveriks, more than 40 stubborn and restless perfectionists. We are a creative agency with full digital service and define ourselves as result-oriented "measurable artists”, crafting sharp content, and shaping the future of communication. Our content always works. There is no word that we can't say, a visual that we can't create, a task that we can not perform! Our mission is To link the gap between people and the market and make communication sharper than ever.



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ACAG - 2 Gold , ACAG - 2 Silver , Bbalticfest - Shortlist

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