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The woman and the wine are so interconnected among themselves in Georgia as nowhere in other country in the world.
This is a very important symbolic fact that St. Nino from Cappadocia entered into Georgia with the cross in her hands, made from a grapevine to preach the Christian faith.
This cross calls as a “live Cross” by Georgian people, the cross from the grapevine is very important symbol for the Georgian Orthodox Church.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the Georgian women took active part in the sphere of production of alcoholic products. The fact that in 1826 Georgian woman Barbare Imerlishvili has founded vodka distillery in Tbilisi, which turned into successful business, proves aforesaid. From 1873, Salome Dadiani started producing Georgian wine, thus continuing business initiated by her husband (Prince Murat), so it can be said that Salome Dadiani is the first Georgian woman winemaker.
With such great traditions in mind, LLC "Madamwine " was established in 2010 for approving women's role in the sphere of winemaking . This is fact that the wine and the woman has a lot of similarity and the main of them are a coquetry, playfulness, fun, severity and mysteriousness. That is why the company “Madamwine” makes such mysterious wine as "Lovely woman", red semi sweet, as blithesome as wine "Coquette " red semi dry, quiet and stable as “Housewife” red dry, same cheerful as "Rose" - semi dry, and same traditional as "Kakhuri" - red dry. The company “Madamwine” emphasizes the culture of drink of wine, for its correct use, health and beauty.
“Madamwine” is the company which tries to provide the Georgian wine to the whole world, seen by eyes of the Georgian women.

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