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Liskareli, a premium quality brand producing authentic, ecologically clean food and kitchen accessories, serves to reinterpret Georgian, authentic traditions in a new way. The brand aims to raise awareness about traditional products and establish them as an integral part of daily lifestyle.
Liskarel's driving idea is to form a new vision of traditions in gastronomy and cooking. Liskareli aims to support and develop essentials of unique Georgian cuisine on an international level. By promoting ecologically clean products, Liskareli also aims to promote gastronomic tourism and raise awareness of traditional Georgian cuisine & of its componenLiskareli Products include a wide variety of unique and cult products from different parts of Georgia, highlighting the diversity of Georgian cuisine. Each Liskareli product is created with strict adherence to authentic recipes, without any additives and preservatives.The premium quality of the products is determined by both the highest quality raw materials and the unique preparation style, a style that has been passed down from generation to generation for years.Each product is created with the best synthesis of family culinary rules and home appliances, which makes the traditional and atmospheric taste of each product unforgettable.



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