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We believe in humans’ positive future attitudes towards better healthy living through consuming organic and natural food and drink products. That is why we decided on founding ‘Khilari’, which comes from Georgian word ‘Khili’, translating in English as a fruit. Choosing this very name is logical, as far as the ‘Khili’ is the only ingredient for our final products. Founded in 2017, Khilari is oriented at producing finest natural fruit juice products made from 100% locally grown, non-GMO fruits. Our fruit processing facility is equipped with European quality cold pressing machinery and is located in Gori region, which is regarded as a center for gathering fruits from different

regions of Georgia.

Our passion is to make many people benefit their health from absolutely refreshing and delicious, 100% fruit juices of Georgia at local and international level. Since its founding, Khilari has spent all of its time and energy on two things - producing 100% fruit juices cold pressed from locally sourced and non-GMO fruit - and supporting healthy lifestyles.

All of our grapes, apples, peaches, and plums, as well as all of the other fruits and vegetables we use in our deliciously satisfying cold pressed juices, are sourced from Georgian orchards and farms in the pristine growing region of Shida-Kartli.

Khilari fully employs 100% of local workforce - the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who were aected and displaced during local conflicts. The company embraces socially responsible activities designed to improve the well-beingof individuals working throughout the region.



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