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Kerki is the traditional name for fruits and berries that have been dried outdoors under the hot Georgian sun. When you consider that Georgia continues to produce an incredible variety of fresh fruits, and dried fruit is becoming even more popular as a healthful and nutritious food, the name Kerki now represents an exciting new Georgian company specializing in high-quality dried fruit, confectionery and satisfying snacks.
Appearing in supermarkets, healthy food and convenience stores since 2021, Kerki seeks to increase the appreciation of dried fruits and roasted nuts as nutritionally dense foods that can be enjoyed any time throughout the day. Coupled with Georgian churchkela (a traditional snack made with nuts and candied grape juice), Kerki offers an exciting new range of products that includes:
- Dried Apples - Sliced
Available in 40g, 65g, 300g resealable pouches
- Dried Persimmons - Sliced and Whole
Available in 70g, 130g, 500g resealable pouches
- Dried Prunes - Pitted
Available in 70g, 130g resealable pouches
- Dried Tangerine - Sliced
Available in 40g, 65g resealable pouches
- Candied Melon Bites
Available in 30g resealable pouches
- Roasted Hazelnuts Whole
Available in 30g, 60g, 120g resealable pouches
Apple Fruit Leather – Sliced
Available in 100g, three side seal bag
Prune Fruit leather – Sliced
Available in 100g, three side seal bag
- Traditional Churchkhela with Hazelnuts/Walnuts Whole, Red/White, Grape Juice
Available in 40g, 80g, 100 g vacuum sealed bags
For large wholesale orders, all of Kerki dried fruits, roasted nuts and churchkela are available in 5kg and 25kg bulk formats.
About Kerki
Along with its production of delicious and nutritious dried fruits, nuts and snacks, Kerki strives to promote economic growth and social well-being throughout Georgia's Ajara highlands. With more than 30 local employees (75% women) managing the collection of locally sourced raw materials along with processing, manufacturing, packaging, sales and distribution of its products, Kerki is making noteworthy impact.



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To fully meet the demands from international markets, Kerki has obtained ISO:22000 certification for food safety and operational management and FDA (food and drug administration) certificate.


All of these achievements have been made, in part, with support from donor organizations including the USAID Agriculture Program (CNFA Georgia), ENPARD, and Keda Leader as well as Georgian partners including the Rural Development Agency (RDA), Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara, Agroservice Center and JSC TBC Bank. Kerki owns high-quality and high-performance automated production and packaging machines. In the process of making dried fruit we aim at maximally preserving naturally occurring Micronutrients, Fiber and Antioxidants in fruits. By lowering drying temperature and expanding drying time, we deliver highly nutritious, healthy snack to our customers. Each fruit undergoes individual processing technology, where no additives are used, hence the status of nature’s fast food is perfectly conserved. The added value of the project is that Biomass will be one of the primary sources of energy for the fruit drying processes. Currently Enterprise is partially operating with renewable energy resources.

Village Dzentsmani, Keda Municipality, Ajara, Georgia




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