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Georgian pharmaceutical-veterinary company "DAVATI" was founded in 1998. Close partnership that the company established with Ltd "INVET" (Veterinary company) in 2005, caused the shift of the company’s focus to the production of vet drugs. At present, Davati produces a wide range of vet drugs.
"Davati" was founded in 1998. From 2022, the veterinary company "Invet" became 70% shareholder of "Davati", since that new stage of "Davati" in the growth and development of the production of veterinary drugs has begun.
Thanks to the permanent renewal of technologies and the equipment, also investing in provision of professional trainings to the personnel the quality and volume of Davati’s production is constantly on rise.

"DAVATI" has successfully participated in numerous pharmaceutical expositions and fairs. After gaining the firm position on the Georgian market, the company is making serious efforts in order to start exports of its products to neighboring countries.
The main goal of "Davati" management is to become a factory corresponding to modern challenges and requirements, to produce high quality and valuable products, to employ as many people as possible.


Azerbaijan, Georgia

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10 Khanzteli, 0117 Zahesi, Georgia

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