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Campa is a family-owned business founded in 2008, producing high-quality natural juices and nectars for over 10 years. The company incorporates 3 brands - "Campa," "Chveni" and "Frutata", producing a wide range of juices, nectars and still drinks that are made from the finest ripe fruit, grown locally in Georgia and abroad.

Our main principle is that we never compromise on quality. We source our raw materials from the best fruit processors worldwide. Our products are non-GMO, free of additives, artificial flavorings and colorants. Our production methods preserve the best qualities of fruit. We achieve this by means of aseptic technology that allows us to treat the product with minimum heat, maintaining the essential nutrients and the fresh taste of fruit.

Currently, we have 1 Litre (25 SKUs) and 0.200 Litre (15 SKUs) formats in Tetra Pak Packaging.



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