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LMC is a Construction Project Management, Construction Supervision and Consulting Company.

Our Mission: Added value and more profit for our clients
Our services are covering complete lifecycle of the construction project including project development, planning, design, contractor selection, site mobilization, construction execution and project close out stages. On every stage, we are focusing on increasing the value of the project delivered to the client, by ensuring the delivery of highest quality products and services in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible.

Our Aim: Create better building experiences
Our company is built on highly qualified and innovative people with the purpose to deliver human focused, environmentally friendly, more safe, iconic, innovative buildings and facilities for better leaving, working, education, healthcare and service experiences.

The LMC story began by constructing the Presidential Palace. Challenging the complexity of the most important construction in the country, which had to become a global appeal as a major administrative complex of the Georgian government, has shaped us to be the company we are today.

In 2006, following the order of the General Service State Maintenance, a German company TÜV SÜD GmbH started to form a local construction management team. The duties of this team, in cooperation with TÜV SÜD GmbH experts, included setting up a construction and exploitation team, management, coordination, supervision and control. Within the project, we gathered more than 30 leading architectural, engineering, construction and consulting companies worldwide. Despite the force majeure due to the war in Georgia in 2008, with our persisted effort and very creative solutions, already in 2010 as LMC LLC we managed to do the final testing, commissioning and official operation of the most progressive and technically leading building in Tbilisi at that time.

Exactly the mentoring and the working methodology of TÜV SÜD GmbH has taught us the structural, precise, and methodical attitudes towards the construction management; and the political environment has taught us how to successfully complete, in any conditions, the process we have started.

Today we are one of the leading companies in construction project management in Tbilisi, Georgia, having experience of many years and diverse knowledge in the field. In 2017, our portfolio counts the management of over 500 000 000 GEL capital investment, many satisfied customers, and more than 200 000 sq. m. of finished buildings.



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77 Irakli Abashidze Str., 0179 Tbilisi, Georgia

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