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Geo-Organic LLC was founded in 2018. The factory is located in Sagarejo, Kakheti, it is in the eastern region of Georgia. We are producing Georgian fruits, vegetables and herbs with cabin and solar drying methods, without any preservatives, chemicals or additives. Georgian fruits, vegetable and herbs have rich flavor, unique taste and are rich with healthy substances. For submitting the Company's goal to produce healthy product we implement the highest, internationally recognized FSSC 22000 standard for food safety. We offer our customers products of highest quality, service and supply stability. Our primary goal is producing healthy products for our customers. Dried without preservatives or sweeteners, our dried fruits emit distinct, luscious, sweet and tart flavors only produced from the best Georgian products. It's important to understand what the potential hazards are when it comes to food, especially if you are preparing or serving food for healthier life. With following HACCP principles, we ensure the production of biologically safe products. We use Georgian fruit. Georgian climate, soil and water qualities creates robust nutritional value and flavor.


Belarus, Czechia, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United States

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