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LLC Caucasan was founded in 1996 by Mr. Udo Hirsch as a company to help the rural development in Georgia, together with the NGO Cuna Georgica, which was already carrying out various important projects for the rural development, such as:

1994: Long time project: Supporting the Traditional Utilization of Medicinal Herbs in Georgia.

1996: Pilot project: Botanical research on the status of rare medicinal plants of Georgia (financed by WWF UK)

1996-1999: Long-time project: Supporting the Traditional Use of Medicinal Plants, including the collection, analysis and distribution of herbal recipes

LLC Caucasan was create to promote Georgian rural products inside and outside Georgia. The company produced a variety of products such as dried wild fruits and berries, dried culinary and medicinal herbs, fruit jams, herbal teas, honey and other herbs native to Georgia. All products were prepared from the resources gathered by the local rural population in the ecologically clean forests and protected areas. Every stage of production was carried out in a sustainable way and controlled in accordance with the EU standards. 2010 LLC Caucasan acquired Fairwild certification. The products were prepared manually with a lot of care and attention and were distributed mainly on the local market and a small customer’s base abroad.

Since 2012 LLC Caucasan operates under new management which has a long term experience in export and international sales and has set to its priority to increase the export capacities. LLC Caucasan aims to boost the production of dried wild fruits and berries, gathering and processing of diverse culinary and medicinal herbs

Georgia is one of the richest countries in Eurasia with regards of plants biodiversity. Georgian fruits, herbs and spices have rich flavor, unique taste and are rich with healthy substances.

It is planned to renew the production of herbal teas, jams, honey and of various local spices according to the recipes LLC Caucasan was using initially on a larger scale.

Our aim is to revitalize the production based on long term tradition and to promote natural products of Georgia on local and international markets. Our long term experience in international trade enables us to offer our customers products of highest quality, service and supply stability.

Our quality products is the best gift of the people of Caucasus to the whole world.


Egypt, France, Germany, India, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates

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