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LLC Achinebuli is an emerging fruit processor headquartered in the Telavi municipality in Georgia's Kakheti region. Operating since 2018 under the brand name ALALI, the company produces a line of all natural, cold-pressed fruit juices made with 100% Georgia-grown fruit. Catering primarily to individuals who embrace active and health-oriented lifestyles, all of their juices are free from GMOs, pesticides, artificial colors, and stabilizers.
In order to deliver the best possible finished products, and maintain world-class standards of excellence, Achinebuli has developed unique recipes based on locally sourced peaches, grapes, and blackberries grown by farmers in the Kakheti region and apples from orchards in Shida and Kvemo Kartli. With 1680 m2 of operational space, the company is equipped with state-of-the-art processing equipment and cold-pressing facilities. While current production exceeds 500,000 liters, Achinebuli has the capacity to produce more than 2,500,000 liters of juice per year.
We have selected five of the most flavorful and highly sought after Georgian fruits - Blackberry, Peach, Apple, Citrus and Grape - for our core offering at Alali. While other varieties including cherry, tomato and lemon are in development, these first five are the juices that have already met our high standards for quality, overall flavor, and nutritional content.
All of the cold-pressed juices made at Alali are available in 0.250L and 1L glass bottles. For higher volume consumption they are also available in 3-
liter pouches.



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