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The company "Lionidzis Zvari" was founded in 2006 and since then has been an active keeper of centuries-old Georgian traditions and cultural heritage. This is indicated not only by the field of activity, that is, cultivating the vineyards and producing the wine but also but the base where our vineyards are - was known as special vineyards and belonged to Solomon Lionidze, famous diplomat and public figure as well as the secretary of the King Erekle II. It can be said that this area is a special zone inside the Tsinandali micro-zone, which is cause by the soil and microclimate. The production of wine and alcoholic beverages is based on ancient Georgian traditions and modern technologies, which in our opinion gives us the honorable place in the world market in this field. This statement is thoroughly evidenced by the fact that modern science recognizes Georgia as "the homeland of wine" with more conviction. The ancient trace of winemaking was found in the territory of Georgia. Vine cultivation and viticulture has existed almost 8,000 years ago in Georgia and has since spread throughout the world and has a great influence on the development of agriculture, culture, biology, medicine and in general, civilizations. Due to ethnic diversity, our country is distinguished by different cultural heritage. Hospitality and Georgian traditional table, wine, Tamada (the wine-master), toasts, are the major components of Georgian culture and identity. That is the reason why out of the two methods of wine-making in the world, one is Georgian. From this perspective, the most famous region with a culture of ancient winemaking is Kakheti, locates in the East of Georgia.



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15 Vardoshvili street, TELAVI, 2200, GEORGIA


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