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Company was founded in 2017 based on experience of old traditions. My ancestors from my mother's and father's side used to do amber wine in separately standing buildings called Marani. These buildings were treated as holy houses, because special wine - Zedashe was made here and each year one amber of such wine was given to church for Eucharist service (as blood of Jesus Christ). What I remember and know by facts 4 generations of my grandparents used to have Marani for over 100 years. Later, due to depreciation of buildings and difficulties that were facing during wine making, they lost their primary function. Thank god, after some time I got inspiration to revive old Marani tradition. Many old amber were unfortunately on the land plot which has been sold, but Marani building remained on our territory. New owner kindly allowed me to dig out our old ambers but in this difficult process two of them got cracked. I had to order 4 new ambers. I went to the person who used to do ambers for over 60 years. In respect to my desire to revive old traditions amber man made my 4 ambers and added 4 more as a present. With so many new ambers I had to think about new Marani building. I had some money on my savings account; I applied special line of credit which was offered inside government financed project "Enterprise Georgia" and got it. In 1 year, I had new building, government programs helped me to buy all necessary equipment as well and in year 2018 I already ambered bio grapes and my family tradition of wine making was renewed. We use only bio products in our winery as me and my parents are doctors and we know what a huge role healthy food has in growing healthy generations. Marani also produces fruit Vodkas - Mulberry, persimmons, quince, fig, peach and plum. traditional Georgian drink Chacha is also made here; We host many tourists during year, they can taste all organic products here, they can bake Georgian bred, make traditional Georgian sweet Churchkhela themselves, do Vodka-making, traditional barbecue and many other unique activities. Seasonally, when there is grape time, guests can participate in wine-making process. Marani is designed in museum style and guests can find here old things that were used for wine-making for hundreds of years. Ambers can hold total 17,000 liters of wine and on one season 10,000 bottles of wine can be produced in our production.


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Basics of wine marketing, Concurrence of wine and food, Tasting the wine, Lacks and diseases of wine, Bio-organic winery, Bio-organic viticulture, Bio-dynamic agriculture


International Qvevri Wine Competiton 2020 - White dry - Kakhuri Mtsvane 2019 - Gold Medal, International Qvevri Wine Competiton 2020 - White dry - Rkatsiteli 2018 - Silver Medal, International Qvevri Wine Competiton 2020 - White dry - Kakhuri Mtsvane 2018 - Silver Medal International Qvevri Wine Competition 2020 - Red semi-sweet - Saperavi 2018 - Bronze Medal, International Qvevri Wine Competiton 2020 - Red dry - Saperavi 2019 - Bronze Medal,

79 Chavchavadze str; Akhmeta, Georgia



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