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Our winery is located in Kindzmarauli micro zone, beautiful village, Tivi, near Kvareli, which was founded in 2008. Since the establishment of the company our main goal was to build modern enterprise-based plant correspondent to European standards of manufacturing and to produce high quality wines. Since 2008 the company has gone through a very difficult way to establish the image of the quality oriented, stable and the trustful producer through the world market.
Our production has been able to enter the top ten wine industry leader producers in the shortest time. Today our brand - KVARELI CELLAR is well recognized among 15 countries of the world. Our name is associated with high quality wine and brandy, which is a result of the great experience of management and the tireless work of each member of our team.
Currently the mission of KVARELI CELLAR is to preserve high reputation, which is a great responsibility for our company and improvement of achieved results and popularization of Georgian wine in more countries of the world.
Our factory is fully equipped with modern technologies. All processes in the enterprise, from grape harvesting, wine processing, bottling and storage, are strictly controlled according to European standards.
KVARELI CELLAR produces 12 types of high quality wine and a brandy with the unique recipe, made with Georgian spirits, which is remarkable for its exceptional aromas and distinctive taste.



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village Tivi, Kvareli district, Georgia
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