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Kumbati is a family-owned winery, which follows centuries-old winemaking history and experience passing from father to son in an uninterrupted, continuous chain. The brand itself was established in 2020, when we set our goal to produce premium wines of exceptional quality to sell around the world.

We apply traditional knowledge, scientific learning and rigorous testing and modernized processes to our winemaking practices. This helps us to craft natural, high quality wine with unforgettable taste.

Our wine comes from the most important Georgian winemaking region, Kakheti, which is known as the cradle of wine production, because wine grapes have been cultivated in these lands for 8,000 years.

Our vineyards are located in Alazani Valley, on the lands called ‘’Kumbati’’. Thanks to special carbonate soils and the climate that dominates in this sub region, acidity is preserved even after the grape has ripened, which is the key to making high-quality wines.

In our collection we have red dry wine ‘’Saperavi’’ from our vineyards and white semi sweet ‘’Tvishi’’ , which comes from a special micro zone in racha-lechkhumi.

We believe that great wine-making starts with a passion for wine. We have successfully translated our passion into a business we love and are proud of. Kumbati wine is created through a harmonious combination of carefully selected traditional local grape varieties and modern technology.


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