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KOMBINIZONA is first origin project of innovative sewing factory lounched in 2017 in georgia ‘Kombinizona ‘ on base of isf georgia opened qst in Caucasus countries social enterprise , which champions innovation and inclusion across Georgian fashion industry. This is the only innovative enterprise in Europe, which produces unique therapeutic clothing based on the research of color perception an produces functional interactive cloth for people with desabilites, maternity and nursing, kids and unisex. ‘kombinizona’ is first georrgian Ltd. and social enterprise who began managing waste and promoting zero waste politics. brand collects fabric waste since 2017 and also collaborates with other sewing factories and companies and makes #wastemagic products ,collaborating with people with desabilites and other target groups, and then helps them in selling their items on www.kombinizonamoms.ge www.kombinizonakids.ge and www.kombinizona.com online shops.

ISF GEORGIA year by year employs 50-150 staff depending on demands, including 10 persons with disabilities (PWDs). The company plans to continue employing PWDs in the future.

The company positions itself as a zero waste ideology sustainable, ecco-friendly brand, which fights for youth and women’s rights, condemns violence and strives for environmental care and protection. ISF GEORGIA engages in philanthropy wherever the country and society need it most.

‘Kombinizona ‘ got Eu support since 2020 – for best adaptation with pandemic , became ‘best practice of collaboration with Eu among Georgian companies” an introduced #c4d on every local and international Eu social and online media channels covers during 6 months. In 2022 ‘kombinizona’ was chosen as best practice example of integrating inclusion in business sector and enterprises and Germany made short-film guidline for own inside companies about kombinziona practice to hel Germany companies share expearance. ‘kombinizona’ is winner of Georgian bank social entrepreneurship and innovations contects in 2019 . also mac –georgia project – for implementing innovative raincoats concept for wheelchair users in Georgia. Since 2020 in ‘kombinizona’ factory 1 team is actively involved in renewing fabric waste and sharing practice for others and on base of brand’s sewing school teaches and then enhires woman on the same projects

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2019 - Bank of Georgia Innovation and Soc. Entrepreneurship winner 2019 - Mack Georgia's winner for creating innovative adaptive raincoats 2018/19 - Shortlist of Europe's Best Innovative Startups at the International Wolves Summit 2020 - EU Investment - The brand has received support since the spring of 2020, increasing production by 30% by adding equipment. 2021 - one of The best examples of successful cooperation with the EU 2022 - winner of the export supporting program of Enterprise Georgia


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