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Kartuli Dapna was established in 2014 with financial assistance from USAID’s REAP and the Agricultural Projects Management Agency. Recognizing the competitive advantage that Georgia-grown Bay Leaves represent in terms of flavor, aroma, functionality and overall quality, compared to similar leaves grown and processed in other regions of the world, the incentive for the company to open its doors was compelling.

Kartuli Dapna is located in the village of Bzvani, one of the most healthful and pristine growing regions in Georgia. Bay Leaves are grown on company owned land and processed in an adjacent industrial plant equipped with low energy, high capacity drying facilities, the latest in cleaning, calibration and packing machines, and a fully equipped lab that ensures the highest levels of quality and integrity throughout every stage of manufacturing. Kartuli Dapna produces five distinctive grades of bay leaves, both machine and naturally dried. The leaves are sorted by size, color, and overall condition and packed in either cartons or sacks.

Looking towards a productive and sustainable future, Kartuli Dapna became ISO 22000 certified and will have secured organic certification for its products by the end of 2018. All bay leaves available through Kartuli Dapna are approved for export. The 100 % export-oriented company services and maintains shipments to many countries in Europe and Asia.


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